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Since time immemorial the Circus and the circus performers have been great themes in Art and Literature. Especially in French Art, the circus theme had become a prominent feature in the late 19th century. The circus was a popular place of entertainment both for artists, who found colourful and exotic subject matter for their paintings, and for wealthy patrons, who might possibly buy these paintings.

This season A Barretts is delighted to present the collection “Funhouse” S/S 2017 inspired by the amazing work of Marc Chagall (1887 -1985).

Contrary to the view of many artists, the circus is for Chagall a happy world, a kind of happy promise. Chagall believes the circus performers to be allegorical figures. They allow him to be a painter-observer. For him painting is a way to escape reality and to experience happiness and joy. Like Chagall this is what I feel like when l am designing and making fashion accessories "a way to escape reality and to experience happiness and joy”.

In Chagall’s words "For me, a circus is a magical spectacle, a passing and dissolving like a little world. There is a disquieting circus, a circus of hidden depths. These clowns, riders, acrobats are imprinted on my sight. Why? Why am I moved by their make-up and their grimaces? With them I travel on toward other horizons. Their colours and their painted masks draw me toward other, strange, psychic forms which I long to paint".

The Circus Horse, 1964

Marc Chagall