The ‘Summer Nights’ is the name of this collection; our proposal for Spring-Summer 2015. Usually summer is the time of year associated with sunshine, hot weather, blossoming, and the greatest happiness. However, when night arrives the mood changes; there is something about seeing the sun going down and the moon rising that inspires a woman to be adventurous, sexy and elegant.


Our accessories are an invitation to discover that side of summer; always glamorous and sophisticated when light and darkness converge to make you feel on top of the world.




Surfaces act like mirrors to the world reflected upon them. ‘Summer Nights’ is an attitude. Below the surface of summer resides our intuitive nature, which hides in the night and shadows. This Spring-Summer 2015 collection A Barretts experiments with a fusion of metals, crystals and Plexiglas with fittings of high-quality chrome. Exotic reptilian leather skins play with light as glossy textures reflect our inner creature.

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